As a marketing and communications agency specialising in cycling, outdoor sports and running, Cadence can help you unite your community around an idea, an event or a product. The ultimate goal? To create unforgettable experiences. This objective guides us in the design of our media plans and the management and promotion of the brands and events we work with. Then comes the strategy for activating partnerships and the media, for effective and committed amplification!

Support and know-how.

With experience in press, sports events, communications and retail, we wanted to put our know-how to work for brands and event organisers. Cadence was born with the first goal of pushing every idea with audacity, because sport is the ideal place to play with sensations and emotions.

Our expertise.

Together, let's create some memorable moments !


With a 360° vision, we can help you with your wildest projects. Got an idea? We'll draw up the brief and organise its operational implementation! Event production, tailor-made activations, content creation - there's no stopping us.


Together, let's immerse participants in an emotionally powerful context, so that every action, every word and every gesture. Cadence makes partnerships more dynamic and events more original, giving rhythm and glitter to your projects.


Once the project has been completed, let's take the time to analyse the impact, quantifying the people reached, the views accumulated and the interactions obtained with the content, cumulative views and interactions with the content. Count the number of articles published and follow up with the media.

They trust us.

Thank you to our customers and partners for their trust and support since Cadence was founded.